Tray Cantilever Arm

Vantrunk tray arms (TCA) are suitable for supporting cable tray from channel or flat surfaces. Available for cable tray of widths from 50mm to 900mm, the Vantrunk tray arms have M10 clearance holes for fixing to the supports and M6 clearance holes to allow for fixing through the bed of the cable tray. Vantrunk tray cantilever arms have one fixing hole for arm lengths up to & including 100mm, and two fixing holes for arm lengths of 150mm and above. The Vantrunk tray cantilever arms are suitable for use with the full range of Vantrunk cable trays. The loading table below gives the recommended maximum load for each size of trapeze hanger bracket when used with Vantrunk cable tray and with a uniformly distributed load (UDL) onto the tray cantilever arm.